In painting my aim is to create an image which reflects the energetic movement of the world we inhabit. From the molecular level to the seeming tranquillity of the natural world our universe is in a state of flux. A feeling of calm is therefore questioned by our knowledge of constant energetic movement.

Perspex allows me to apply thick paint layers to a solid surface which can then be scratched and sanded away over several days or weeks leaving textured fragments of colour and line. Often I apply liquid ‘threads’ of paint as well as layered fields or veils of colour; my intention is to unite these two ‘energies’ and seek some sense of balance between them. At times the free movement of marks is controlled by strict geometry; at other times it is allowed to transgress these boundaries thus establishing chaotic and tranquil territories and a sense of order within disorder. A final tangible ‘veil’ is formed by the presence of the Perspex sheet which when reversed for display disguises the manual process of painting and erasing (which has taken place). What are immediately revealed, however, are those first painted marks or the remaining fragments of them. In addition, the glassy surface continues to be broken up, altered and fragmented by the ever changing reflections of the work’s surroundings.